Premium Channels

The Ask

The redesign of Premium channels was a part the add-on channel redesign. Add-on channels are anything that does not come with your TV package and is purchased separately. The most popular of these are Premium Channels, like HBO, and Sports, but it also includes International Channels and On Demand content.



Early in the design process for the individual add-on channel pages, we found three major pain points for users.

  1. There was no centralized location on for a user to find all of the channels they could add on to their XFINITY TV package.

  2. There was no template for each of these individual channel pages. With 50+ add-on options, it’s overwhelming for a user to see inconsistent information on each page.

  3. The flow to purchase a channel once the user leaves this page was extremely confusing. For a new customer, when they clicked “Add to Cart” they were taken to a completely separate section of the site and needed to remember to add the channel to their cart again before they finished their purchase.


Add-on Channel landing

The Add-On Channel Landing was a simple, but a necessary piece that we introduced in the sitemap. This page allows for users to view all of their options in one place, rather than having to search for individual channel pages.

Premium Channel template

The template below was created to apply to Premium Channels, International Channels, and On-Demand subscription content. For sports we developed a separate system of information because the content had unique requirements and user needs .

Most of the modules, other than the header and the now-playing module below it, are optional because most channels/subscriptions have very little content to promote but channels like HBO and Showtime need more space for marketing. Part of the deliverables for these design were rules for those managing the content to help keep consistency as more channels are added to XFINITY.

HBO (NEW).png