Sports Channels

My Role:
User Experience Design

Time Frame: 
3 months (Fall 2017)

The Ask

The redesign of TV and the Add-on channels included both the sports landing page, as well as the page for each sports channel. Sports is a unique piece of content at XFINITY because there are multiple ways to purchase sports. A few channels are added on seasonally, some require a specific TV package, and others are included only in a $10/mo add-on bundle.


The landing page needed to tell a story that allowed for a customer to easily understand all of the options available to them, while also communicating the different buying patterns. The channel pages needed to make it immediately clear to them how to buy the channel they’re interested in. By working with the XFINITY Research team, as well as using analytics to better understand how users think about the sports channels, we created a new sitemap for the XFINITY sports content. From this, we found our most important insight.

  1. Users looking to buy sports channels care about the sport, not the channel.

Prior to our redesign, there wasn’t a clear hierarchy set within the sports channels. Each channel had their own website and each of those had almost the exact same content other than the header. Our redesign put all channels related to one sport on the same page so that users can quickly compare all of the channels available for the sport they are interested in watching.


Sports Landing Page


Final design template - live version can be viewed here

Sports Channels

The wireframes and designs below outline the experience for a new TV customer.

At the top of the page they see all of their options laid out for them and know that the NFL network requires a specific channel tier, but NFL Red Zone requires a purchase of the Sports Entertainment Package. The Sports Entertainment Package cannot be purchased on it’s own and XFINITY can not allow the user to add it to their cart until they have picked a TV deal.

XFINITY’s systems do not remember where the user came from as they are purchasing TV, so there is no reminder to add in the Sports Entertainment Package at the end of what could be a very long purchase path as the user finds the right combination of services. This design introduces a step by step reminder as they leave the page to ensure the user is aware that they are being taken out of this experience and into a series of offers and will need to add the Sports Entertainment Package to their final purchase.

Wireframe - NFL page

Final Design - NFL Page

Interstitial Wireframe - provides the user with the context to understand where the next step in their shopping experience

There are multiple sports channels at any given time and there can be additions or removals depending on contracts XFINITY gains or loses. This template was built to support the needs of pages for NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and any other sports that join XFINITY’s lineup in the future.

The only exception to this design template is Pay Per View sports because they are event based. Event based sports had unique pieces of information for their users and required their own template.


Final design template